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Situated in the heart of Southern California, the City of Moreno Valley delivers accessible market opportunities, a qualified and motivated workforce, the best pro-business environment and the ultimate California lifestyle.

Moreno Valley’s population of nearly 214,000 makes it the second largest city in Riverside County and the twenty-first largest in California. 2.3 million people live in a 20-mile trade radius and form a strong workforce of 1.1 million.

Moreno Valley lead the region in absorption of more than 7 million square feet of new industrial corporate facilities in the past two years. The newlyapproved World Logistics Center offers an additional 40.6 million square feet – the largest industrial corporate business campus in California.

Riverside University Health System Medical Center (headquarters for Riverside County’s hospital system, based here in Moreno Valley) and Kaiser Permanente are both expanding their facilities to meet strong regional demand. Residential construction is adding additional new housing opportunities with more than 5,000 single and multi-family units under construction or in the development process.

As the impact of COVID-19 stretched its way across the globe earlier this year, Moreno Valley quickly created a comprehensive plan to assist its nearly 4,500 businesses. Working closely with small business partners, the City provided webinars on business finance, online sales, leases and landlords and marketing. The City also provided $7,500 grants to small businesses, as well as connections to Small Business Administration loans, debt relief and US Chamber of Commerce grants.

To assist restaurants and retail, Moreno Valley created a simple, free permit to allow restaurants, gyms, services and salons to safely deliver services in an outdoor setting.

And the City-run Employment Resource Center remained open to the public, where local employers conducted virtual job recruitments and residents from all over Southern California attended virtual workshops and searched local job postings.

More than 50 percent of Moreno Valley residents are employed as white-collar professionals. The City has a strong workforce of more than 88,000. March Air Reserve Base is the City’s largest employer with 9,600 employees. The second largest is Amazon, with 7,500.

Moreno Valley offers some of the most affordable corporate lease and land values, as well as the best housing value and cost of living, in all of Southern California. The average home value is in the mid $300,000s.

Cost of doing business is low, with no payroll or local wage ordinance.


Moreno Valley offers an array of incentives to new businesses, including:

A dedicated business concierge service

Unparalleled plan check turnaround times

A city-owned electric utility offering electric rate discounts that range from 7% to 26.5%. Businesses may receive an additional two percent discount for hiring 20 percent of their workforce from Moreno Valley residents or an additional four percent discount for hiring 40 percent of their workforce from Moreno Valley residents. Additional rebates exist for solar power and energy efficiency upgrades.

“Hire MoVal,” of fering reimbursements for local hire of graduates and veterans, as well as business license fee waivers and small business development resources.

Designated Foreign Trade Zone.

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City Manager

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